Media Converter Series

  • HC-ICE03

    HC-ICE03 Media Converter Chassis OverviewThe HC-ICE03 is a standard 19”, 2.5U/1U and 16/4 slots mountable rack for media converter. It supports up to 16/4 standalone converter cards of 10/10


    HC-ICE03-FE/F4E Media ConverterOverviewHC-ICE03-FE media converter is designed to convert the signals between two different transmission medium, allowing user a simple and cost-effective method to mig

  • HC-ICE03-GE

    HC-ICE03-GE Gigabit Media Converter OverviewAs need for distance extension HC-ICE03-GE is a Gigabit Media Converter that supports conversion from Ethernet 1000Base-T signal to 1000Base-X signal.I

  • HC-LM01

    HC-LM01 Ethernet Extender OverviewTo further the advantage of using Ethernet for broadband connectivity, HC-LM01 Long Range Ethernet product extends the maximum driving distance of Ethernet to&nb

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