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Huachentel technology, founded in 1998, develop&manufacture full range products in data/voice access&aggregation field, the producer of carrier-class equipment. We are expert on both high-capacity and cost-effective networks solution over copper or fiber to telecom carriers and service providers. 

Initially, Huachentel built up reputation as the pioneer of Ethernet over TDM. Huachentel with carrier planned the innovative solution for domestic financial organization. Against huge volume deployment of interface converter and Ethernet optical modem, Huachentel increased rapidly to integrated service of access and aggregation layer for diverse application like network eage access, broadband network design, mobile BS connection.

Huachentel has ever presented into various areas, from ISDN, DDN, PDH to MSPP, EPON and video surveillance. We owns all pivotal technologies of our products. By these sophisticated experience, today more than 50 engineers as our R&D team are dedicated to deliver quality, innovative, reliable, and customer-satisfied products.

Huachentel's value is to help our customers seek their benefits, we focus on flexible, efficient, and intelligent networks, that enables customer gains income by reasonable cost and easy OAM. We have promoted our achievements to about 20 countries, and we would like to share our successful mode to more customers in the future.

Whereas bandwidth demands growth, total packet switching network is yet to come, legacy and next generation networks (NGNs) will still coexist for some time. This is both opportunity and challenge for Huachentel upon the trend, that carrier infrastructure clearly towards to be ultra mixed. Huachentel is expanding our ability, and continue to concentrate power on our job to follow the telecommunication evolvement.

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