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HC-ICE10-V35 interface converter provides easy conversion from V.35 channel to standard 10/100 M Ethernet interface, and delivers Ethernet services over existing V.35 lines. It can be used widely in connecting between WAN and LAN. 
Local management of the HC-ICE10-V35 Converter is provided via DIP switch. The LED on front panel monitor the V.35 link, Ethernet LAN.

HC-ICE10-V35 has two kinds of type, the card and the box. Generally the cards are inserted in the HC-COMM at the center side. They can be managed by the management software HCView at the center office.



IEEE 8023,802.3u completely compatible comply with ITU-T V.35

Transmission of Ethernet over V.35 line



V.35 interface:
Data rate: N ×64Kbps (N=1~64)
Interface type: DCE.
Internal and external clock user-selectable
Connector: DB25


Ethernet interface:

IEEE802.3 completely compatible

Interface type: 10/100M

MAC (LAN) table size: 10,000

Buffer size: 256 frame

Forwarding rate: 6000pps

Compress type: enhanced tinygram

Connector: RJ45


Console port:

RS232 console port for an ASCII terminal

Date format: 9600bps, 8-bit data, 1-bit stop flag

Function: software upgrade, loop configuration, status monitoring

Connector: RJ45



Power: Both 220V AC (165V~265V) and -48V DC (-36V~-72V)

Power dissipation: < 6W (standalone), < 5W (card)

Dimension: 175(W)×44(H)×200(D)mm


Operating Temperature: -5°C~+45°C

Store Temperature: -20°C~+70°C

Relative humidity: 5%~ 95% no coagulation


Ordering Information

Ethernet connector

V35 connector

Power Supply





Both 220V AC and -48V DC


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