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Huachentel in CommunicAsia2007

2017-03-20 10:00:55 Huachentel Read

As one of the leader of the access network products and solutions provider from China, Huachentel have had a good show in CommunicAsia2007 from June 19-22 at Singapore.

In the exhibition, Huachentel showed the typical SDH, PDH, interface converter, media converter and also the new MSPP, 4 wire-G.SHDSL.bis and video transmitter. Huachentel gained much appreciation from lots of visitors, due to the good quantity and carrier class products and competitive price. Huachentel also get many valued market information and suggestions from the customers.

Huachentel has enhanced the value of brand and extended the market via the CommunicAsia2007. Huachentel will always focus on the “Last Mile Access” area, improve on ourselves and provide best products, solutions and services to more and more customers.

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