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Recently, China Netcom Headquarter completed a public bidding 

2017-03-29 13:05:49 Huachentel Read

Recently, China Netcom Headquarter completed a public bidding for TDM access device, Through unremitting efforts, Huachentel stand out from fifty bidders to the title at media converter and interface converter, and got second place at PDH optical terminal. For this result, the device which Huachentel produced got the official authorization to enter the whole China Netcom system, that means Huachentel’s products can be widely used in thirty-one provinces and cities in China Netcom domestic market. 

It’s a milestone for Huachentel to make further and more cooperation with China Netcom. It has given Huachentel a valuable opportunity to contribute our strong expertise and technology to develop infrastructure in the domestic market. With remarkable breakthrough in our business, Huachentel will continue to focus its mind on the access network field, innovate its technology, and make new device and solutions to telecom carrier in the future.

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