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China-EU Co-operation officials visited Huachentel 

2017-03-29 13:05:11 Huachentel Read

China-EU Co-operation officials visited Huachentel on March, 12. 2009. The China-EU Association with a high reputation in international cooperation was found on November 11, 2001. It promotes relationship, expands international communication and cooperation on the basis of mutual benefits between China and EU,.


This visit to Huachentel was for further information about us, and China-EU Association would like to build a bridge for Huachentel and European corporations, that enable us to search for suitable partners in Europe for business cooperation and technology project.


During the time, officials of China-EU learnt Huachentel’s particulars by overview and our introduction, they appreciated our efforts and achievements in access networks, also advised us valuable proposals to extend our technology and business field to get new growing points. By the conference, China-EU and Huachentel exchange ideas of each other regarding the cooperation qualification and business mode. China-EU introduced several European corporations as possible partners for us against our condition, and further negotiation with those corporations had been put in schedule.


This event means a  important step for Huachentel to understand more about European telecommunication, it will help us to extend market in the future.

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