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Huachentel is preparing enterprise restructuring

2017-03-29 13:03:11 Huachentel Read

In order to further the development of enterprise, the first general meeting, the first session of the Board, the first board meeting were held at the conference room of company headquarters on December 21, 2010. During the conference, shareholders and board of directors made the resolution: restructure Shandong Huachentel Technology Development Co., Ltd. into Shandong Huachentel Information and Technology Co., Ltd. .


The convening of this conference is an important milestone in the history of our company . This day will serve as an important moment, loading glorious history of Huachentel.


Shandong Huachentel Information and Technology Co., Ltd. is only in the preparatory phase now . Formal notification will be informed later. Welcome your continuing concern.

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