• HC-OE120-8E1U(8E1UP)

    HC-OE120-8E1U(8E1UP)is the series of optical transmission device with digital optical fiber.

  • HC-AN4000

    As the next generation of MSAP, the HC-AN4000 Series is compatible with PTN/IPRAN and SDH access.

  • HC-AN3900

    The HC-AN3900 Series is a platform for accessing by both of SDH and PTN/TPRAN, designed for the edge access layer of PTN/IPRAN/SDH metropolitan area network.

  • HC-VN Series

    Huachentel's Intel-CPU Based uCPE with Intel's newest Atom™ C3000 series CPU

  • HC-EN Series

    Huachentel's ARM Based uCPE with NXP's newest QorIQ® ARM series CPU

  • HC-EPU

    HC-EPU Huachentel provides full range of ONU series products, including HC-EPU100 (1×100M fast Ethernet to 1×PON port), HC-EPU100G (1×Giga Ethernet to 1× PON port), HC-EPU400 (4×10

  • HC-OE120-VDA

    HC-OE120-VDA Overview:HC-OE120-VDA series fiber optical video system adopts non-compression digital television video encoding technology, transmite multiple video, audio and data over one fiber.

  • HC-ICE10-xE1x

    HC-ICE10-xE1x Interface Converter OverviewThis series of products are orientated in the broadband and multiplay access systems for its high-quality and high-stability. This is the most newly prom

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