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    HC-OE120-E8T  OverviewHC-OE120-E8T is a fiber media transmission device for 8×E1 and two Fast Ethernet. It provides, one RS-232Cdata added with AC or DC power supply.For the E1 port, there a

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    HC-OE120-E8T is a fiber media transmission device for 8×E1 and two Fast Ethernet. It provides, one RS-232Cdata added with AC or DC power supply.

    For the E1 port, there are two models of connector. The BNC model provides unbalanced 75 Ω coaxial connections, while the RJ45 model provides balanced 120 Ω connections over twisted pair wire.

    For the Fast Ethernet, it provides two Fast Ethernet ports with RJ45 connector.

    For the optical port, it can provide multi-mode or single-mode optical transceivers. Using different optical transceivers, the data can be transmitted from 20Km up to 120Km.



    19’ 1U high, card model for 6U rack

    Provide 8 E1 interface

    Provide 1 RS-232C data

    Provide two switched Ethernet ports

    Transmission distance: 20~120Km

    Provide function of E1 port remote loop by DIP or CLI

    Provide two-optical port device for protection and backup

    ALS function in optical port

    Ethernet port support auto-negotiation of 10/100M and full/half duplex

    Ethernet port support MDX/MDIX

    Power supply: both 220V AC and -48V DC



    Optical port:

    Provide 2 optical ports

    Line code: 1B1H

    Line Data rate: 155 Mbps

    Transmission power: > -10dBm (LD)
    Receive sensitivity: < -36dBm (Pe=1 x 10-10)

    Connector: FC/SC optional

    Optical module: five types can be selected by user
    A, 850 nm with multimode double fiber
    B, 1310 nm with multimode double fiber
    C, 1310 nm with single mode double fiber
    D, 1550 nm with single mode double fiber
    E, Single fiber


    E1 interface:

    Comply with ITU-T G.703

    Data rate: 2048Kbps

    Line Code: HDB3

    Impedance: 75Ω unbalance / 120Ω balance optional
    Connector: BNC for unbalance / RJ45 for balance


    RS-232C asynchronous serial port:

    Comply with ITU-T V.24 and IEEE RS-232C


    Data rate: 300bps~115.2Kbps self-adaptive

    Connector: RJ45

    Fast Ethernet port:

    IEEE 802.3u completely compatible

    Interface type: 10/100M

    MAC (LAN) table size: 10,000

    Buffer size: 256 frame

    Forwarding rate: 15,000 pps

    Compress type: enhanced tinygram

    Connector: RJ45

    Power supply:

    Both -48V (-36 to -72V) DC and 220V AC

    Power dissipation: < 5W (standalone), <4W (card)



    Operating temperature: 0°C + 40°C

    Storage temperature: -20°C~+70°C

    Relative humidity: 5%90% no coagulation


    Dimension: 19” 1U

    Optical connector

    Transmit Distance

    E1 connector

    Power Supply







    220V AC

    Also offer one EOW, one RS232 and two Fast Ethernet



    -48V DC




    Both 220V and -48V



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