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    HC-DSL G.SHDSL Modem SeriesOverviewHC-DSL series products are multiple-rate copper wire transmission device developed by Huachentel. Fully complied with ITU-T G.991.2 recommendation, and uses G.S

    1. Detailed information

    HC-DSL G.SHDSL Modem Series


    HC-DSL series products are multiple-rate copper wire transmission device developed by Huachentel. Fully complied with ITU-T G.991.2 recommendation, and uses G.SHDSL.bis, TC-PAM digital modulation and echo cancel technology.

    This series of products offers five different ways to connect customers over high-speed DSL services, with G.703/E1 (HC-DSL-FE1), Ethernet (HC-DSL-NB), V.35 (HC-DSL-V35), V.24 (HC-DSL-V24), and X.21 (HC-DSL-X21). Each of them has two kinds of type, card and stand-alone. For stand-alone devices, 2 or 4 wire G.SHDSL port is optional.Generally the cards are inserted in our 4U rack at the center side. They can be managed by the management software HCView at the center office, and detected the status and maintained from the HCView.



    Comply with ITU-T G.991.2 (including attachment F)

    G.SHDSL.bis technology

    Annex A or B user-selectable

    Use TC-PAM technology (64Kbps and 128Kbps use exclusive TC-PAM4)

    Transmission speed Auto-Adjust against the DSL line condition (customization function)

    Port to port remote management by EOC (with additional management path)

    Hardware and software online update

    SNMP management

    Close-set, low power dissipationeasy to install and easy to maintain

    Support remote power supply

    DSL port has past the strict test (10/700us 6KV) to follow the ITU-T K.20/K.21



    G.SHDSL Interface:

    Recommendation: ITU-T G.991.2

    Code: TC-PAM 1664Kbps, 128Kbps use special TC-PAM 4

    Impedance: 135Ω balance

    Date rateN×64Kbps(2-wire); 2N×64Kbps(4-wire) ( 1 ≤ N ≤89)


    E1 Interface (HC-DSL-FE1):

    Recommendation: ITU-T G.703

    Line code: HDB3

    Data rate: N×64Kbps(1 ≤ N ≤ 32)

    Support frame model and transmit transparently model, support CRC-4 when work as frame model

    Signal: CCS

    Impedance: 75Ω unbalance / 120Ω balance

    Connecter: BNC(75Ω),RJ45(120Ω)


    Ethernet Interface (HC-DSL-NB):

    Data rate: 10M/100M auto-sense

    10,000 MAC

    Self-learning and refresh function

    Support 1536 byte Ethernet frame, support 802.1Q

    Support MDI/MDIX, auto- identify crossover and straight through cable

    Connecter: RJ45


    V.35 Interface (HC-DSL-V35):

    Recommendation: ITU-T V.35

    DCE Interface

    Data rate: N×64Kbps(2-wire:1 ≤ N ≤ 36; 4-wire:1 ≤ N ≤ 32)

    Connecter: DB25/F


    V.24 Port (HC-DSL-V24):

    Recommendation: ITU-T V.24

    DCE Interface

    Synchronous data rate: N×64Kbps(1 ≤ N ≤3);
    Asynchronous data rate: 110

    Connecter: DB25/F


    X.21 Port (HC-DSL-X21):

    Recommendation: ITU-T X.21

    DCE Interface

    Data rateN×64Kbps(2-wire:1≤N≤36; 4-wire: 1≤N≤ 32)

    Connecter: DB15/F


    Console interface:

    Standard: RS232-C

    Data Format: 9600 unsynchronized, 8-bit, no parity check, stop bit 1 and no data stream control

    Interface Connector: RJ45



    Dimension: 265(W)×44(H)×165.6(D) (mm)

    Power supply: Both 220V AC (165V~265V) and -48V DC (-36V~-72V)

    Consume: < 6W (standalone)


    Operating Temperature: -5°C~+45°C

    Store Temperature: -20°C~+70°C

    Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% no coagulation

    Rate and distance table  under 0.5 mm (24 Gauge)



    64 K

    128 K

    256 K

    512 K

    1024 K

    2048 K

    4096 K

    5696 K

    8192 K

    11392 K

    Distance by 2 wire

    8.4 Km

    8.4 Km

    7.7 Km

    7.4 Km

    6.2 Km

    4.4 Km

    2.2 Km

    2.0 Km

    Distance by 4 wire

    7.6 Km

    6.6 Km

    5.8 Km

    4.2 Km

    3.0 Km

    2.4 Km

    2 Km


    Order Information 

    DCE connector

    Power Supply


    2 Wire

    Both 220V and -48V

    4 Wire


    2 Wire

    Both 220V and -48V

    4 Wire


    2 Wire

    Both 220V and -48V

    4 Wire


    2 Wire

    Both 220V and -48V

    4 Wire


    2 Wire

    Both 220V and -48V

    4 Wire


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