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    HC-ICE10-xE1x Interface Converter OverviewThis series of products are orientated in the broadband and multiplay access systems for its high-quality and high-stability. This is the most newly prom

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    HC-ICE10-xE1x Interface Converter



    This series of products are orientated in the broadband and multiplay access systems for its high-quality and high-stability. This is the most newly promoted product that can transmit Fast Ethernet (Optical / Electrical) data over NxE1 lines. It is a protocol converter using inverse multiplexing technique. The product provides 10/100Base-TX port and 100Base-FX port. You can choose any one of them or use both of them simultaneously. The E1 interface is either 75 Ohm or 120 Ohm (Requirement to be mentioned at the time of ordering).

    This protocol converter provides bandwidth up to 8.0Mbps (4×E1) and up to 16.0Mbps (8×E1) for Ethernet connection. It is widely used in LAN connection, and video broadcasting. The product has the feature of setting CRC error threshold on E1 channels and monitoring the E1 channel working status. It can be manage through CLI, Web manager and GUI based SNMP software.



    Comply with ITU-T G.703, G.704 & G.823 for E1 ports and IEEE-802.3 & IEEE-802.3u for Ethernet ports.

    Optical port supports 100Base-FX mode and Electrical port support 10/100Base-TX mode.

    An Ethernet port is in flow control and back pressure mode; support huge packet 1536 bytes.

    High-speed SDRAM inside used to cache.

    Allow the delay time between any two channels up to 16ms.

    For each E1 channel, the payload capability is up to 1.984Mbps.

    Auto-detect the working E1 channels and auto-balance the data flow among the working E1 channels.

    Provide setting for CRC errors threshold for each E1 channel. If the CRC error rate of any E1 channel exceeds the threshold, the system will shut down this channel, and reassign the data flow to the valid E1 channels automatically.

    E1 channels line impedance 75Ω (optional).

    220V AC and -48V DC power supply for standalone.

    SNMP based management on standalone to standalone using mode

    Provide SNMP management in case of standalone devices for viewing and configuring local and remote device easily.



    E1 Interface:

    Recommendation: ITU-T G.703, G.704

    Data rate: N×(2.048Mbps ± 50ppm) (N=1/2/4/8)

    Coding: HDB3

    Impedance: 120Ω (Balanced) / 75Ω (unbalanced)

    Connector: RJ45

    BER Threshold: Threshold level can be set by User

    Jitter: Compliant to ITU-T G.823


    Electrical Ethernet Interface:

    10/100Base-TX port complied to IEEE-802.3 / IEEE-802.3U Fast Ethernet standard

    Supporting duplex pause flow control

    Support frame size up to 1536 bytes (1916 bytes optional)

    Support IEEE 802.1Q

    MDI/MDIX auto crossover for plug-and-play


    Optical Ethernet Interface:

    100Base-FX port complied to IEEE-802.3u Fast Ethernet standard

    Support IEEE 802.1Q

    Optical wavelength: 850nm / 1310nm / 1550nm

    Optical output power: ≥ -10dBm

    Optical receiving sensitivity: ≤ -32 (Multimode) and -38dBm (Singlemode)

    Receiving dynamic range: ≥ 25db (Multimode) and 35db (Singlemode)

    Optical port: SC/PC



    Power supply: Both 220V AC and -48V DC

    Power dissipation: < 10W


    Operating temperature: 0°C~+55°C

    Store temperature: -20°C~+70°C

    Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% no coagulation


    Order Information


    Ethernet port

    E1 qty.

    Optical port type

    Power Supply



    Electrical Ethernet


    Single mode

    Both 220V and -48V


    Optical Ethernet


    Multi mode

    Both E*O Ethernet



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