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    HC-EN Series

    Huachentel's ARM Based uCPE with NXP's newest QorIQ® ARM series CPU

    1. Detailed information

    Cost-Effective, DPDK, Virtualization

    As the industry pioneer, Huachentel provides the cost-effective universal CPE(uCPE) soultion with HC-EN Series based on NXP's newest released QorIQ® ARM series CPUs, empowering user an open platform with availability on any software and access technologies. It includes:

    • HC-EN's CPU uses an industry-leading 64-bit ARMv8 architecture, featuring small size, low power consumption, and high performance, covering from single-core up to eight-core

    • ARM CPU integrates a powerful IPSec hardware-acceleration engine

    • Fully support of DPDK, VPP, Open vSwitch, Docker, KVM, and openStack Agent

    • Various interfaces options, powerful functions, modular design, and support of VM/Docker making HC-EN Series an ideal solution for uCPE, vCPE, vRouter, SD-WAN, SD-Security, firewall, micro-server and Edge Computing 

    • Huachentel provides an open development interface and source code for HC-EN series, allowing users to customize according to their own needs

    • Optimized for basic OS and SDN/NFV software, and offers assistance for software transplant 


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